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The Santa Maria hotel, winner of the Green Key eco-label

The Santa Maria hotel is pleased to announce that the establishment is one of the 10 Corsican winners in 2022 for the Clef Verte (Green Key) eco-label.

Clef Verte tourist establishments are committed to protecting the biodiversity and natural and cultural heritage of their region. They are also committed to preserving water resources as well as reducing GHG emissions and the impact of tourist activity.

“We are part of this generation which has experienced the old way of evolving, of consuming, of producing, and which today sees the emergence of a new philosophy of life.
Today we can no longer dismiss the notion of responsibility that our companies can induce on the environment.
It is important to us to preserve the environment in which we grew up and in which our children will grow up.
It is in this perspective that the green key label appeared to us as obvious.
We are convinced that our customers will appreciate and follow us in this process. »

Roman Francisci

Discover the Green Key label with the Santa Maria !