Your holidays in Ile-Rousse

L'Ile Rousse is the other seaside resort of Balagne, in contrast to Calvi, it offers you a more authentic experience of Corsica ...
L'Ile Rousse

The covered market makes you discover the local products of the mountain but also of the sea, you will have the possibility to exchange with local producers or fishermen.
In front of the "old walk", you will see every day petanque players devote themselves to their passion in the shade of the centenary plane trees of the Pascal Paoli square.
Many other activities are available, most of which are within walking distance from the hotel, we invite you to inquire at the reception on arrival, we will help you organize your stay in Ile-Rousse.

The name of Ile-Rousse comes from the red rocks of the island of Pietra, point where is its lighthouse, you can climb to this place either on foot or by taking the small tourist train whose departure is located next from the beach. As you can see in the architecture of some buildings, this seaside resort was in time an old Roman counter, its rise then dates from Pascal Paoli who built a port and ramparts to compete with the maritime traffic between Genoa and Calvi . Today, maritime traffic is more important in Ile Rousse than Calvi, the Santa Maria is also a few minutes walk from the arrival of boats. The two companies that are SNCM and Corsica Ferries serve the port of Ile Rousse? For those wishing to arrive by plane, the airport of Calvi Sainte Catherine is 20 minutes by car.

The villages of Balagne

Enjoy your stay in our establishment to discover the identity of each village of Balagne.

Our hotel establishment offers you an ideal geographical situation to visit the villages of Balagne. During the whole day or only in the afternoon, you can take the road to the villages of Balagne, several possibilities are available to you and it is according to your mood of the moment that we will advise you on a precise route or a suitable service provider.

In Balagne, each village has its own history, culture, traditions and sometimes even its own architecture. Every place in its history to tell, around the wash houses or fountains by closing your eyes you may hear the joyful laughter of the children who played with the water during the summer, there are also churches, high places of tradition And of recollection in Corsica, which will make you discover magnificent buildings where reigns serenity.

Let's start with the small loop of villages around Ile-Rousse: Monticello, Santa-Reparata, Corbara, Pigna, Aregno, Sant'Antonino and Algajola. These first villages are a sort of "suburb" of Ile-Rousse, most of their inhabitants meet in Ile-Rousse to go to the beach, go shopping at the market, or party as soon as an animation Is organized "in town".

Going a little further, you will discover Pietralba and Lama which are located on the road to Bastia, you are then at the gates of the Balagne. It is also in the village of Lama that you can enjoy the European Film Festival according to the period you stay in our establishment.

On leaving for the mountains, Belgodère, Speloncato and Olmi Capella welcome you to discover yet another atmosphere, full of authenticity. The opportunity to meet new people with, for example, Robin Renucci and his Olmi Capella Theater Festival.

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