A PAOLINA: Historical Race, 24th Edition on Saturday 14 September 2013

Tour of the red islands
Tour of the red islands

The 4 September 1889, arrived at Ile Rousse the boat "The Count Valery"
with the ashes of General Paoli on board. A procession from the port went to Morosaglia, the birthplace of the General, in order to put back his ashes.

One hundred years later, in 1989, the association "A Paolina" was created, set up to commemorate the return of the ashes of Pascal Paoli. This race is a historic event, both sporting and cultural. It was consecrated by the magazine "international jogging" as one of the 50 most beautiful races in the world.

These are 70 km of road running, from the port ofIle Rousse until Morosaglia which can be done in Individuals, in teams of 4 or 8 and in “Run and bike”. This race has 1790 m of positive elevation and 917 m of negative elevation.

The route starts from the port of Ile-Rousse, passes through Monticello, Belgodere, Occhiatana, Olmi Cappella, Castifao, Moltifao, Ponte-Leccia and ends in Morosaglia where the awards are given. To end this great adventure, a convivial meal is served, accompanied by Corsican songs.

source: course-a-paolina.com

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